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International and UAE Visa Assistance

We are your only go-to travel company for easy and fast visa arrangements for any country in the world including the UAE.

You and your workforce get to enjoy the convenience of our 24-hour Express Visa processing service that issues UAE 7 to 90-day visas ideal for corporate travel, straight from the Axis office. Our professional visa team will guide you on all required documents.

We also provide expert advice to visa applicants, helping them avoid common mistakes in the process. By assisting with the processing of UAE and worldwide visas, as well as helping you apply for and obtain visas for other countries, we make your travel experience easy as a gentle breeze.

meeting and events
meeting and events

Covid-19 Assistance

The pandemic has changed travelling slightly. Not just for individuals but also organizations. We are here to ensure that this doesn’t affect your business adversely. We will help you plan business travel to protect your traveler’s health and keep your business safe.

In addition, while it seems that Covid-19 certificates will become mandated as a travel pass, we will help your travelers with Covid-19 certificates, facilitating the process of vaccination to ensure that business activities are not stifled or put on hold.

Exclusive International and local hotel bookings

At Axis Travel, we partner with leading hotel groups like Marriott, IHG, Hilton and Starwoods; this gives us access to thousands of properties and rooms across the globe, allowing us to offer you excellent accommodation at the best rates. Thanks to our intuitive and modern booking system, we can locate and secure accommodation based on your preferences, in seconds. We make the reservations while you look forward to a comfortable and secure home away from home.

meeting and events
meeting and events

Travel experts in your industry

Whatever your industry, get targeted and personalized travel industry insight from our experts. We know that no organization is the same, even if they belong to the same industry, so we make personalized insight delivery a priority. We provide essential services that fit your business needs. Whether your industry is pharmaceutical, marine, technology, oil and gas, agriculture, etc. we constantly update our industry knowledge to ensure that we can attend to all of your travel worries or needs at any point in time.

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