Our Mission

         We aspire to deliver affordable travel and tours services of superior standards to our clients as we abide by our corporate values of excellence, integrity, respect, teamwork, social responsibility and human resource development.

Our Vision

        We envision a society where more people can journey to places they love through reasonably-priced and stress-free travel and tours services.

Our Corporate Values


        Our clients inspire us to go the extra mile. By believing that mediocrity has no place in the business, our company endeavors to exceed expectations by continuously searching for innovative and creative ways to enhance our operations. Part of our drive for excellence is encouraging feedback from our clientele.


         We believe that integrity will bring us to greater heights in the business. While we deal with clients, partners and authorities, we ensure to carry the value of honesty as this will earn us good standing in the industry.


         Regardless of religion and creed, our company observes respect for everyone.  We promote culture sensitivity in the work place and make an effort to avoid partiality in dealing with our customers.


        As we adhere to the fact that our fellowship of ideas will yield more brilliant outputs, we strive to maintain teamwork and open communication.

Social Responsibility

       Exercising ethics beyond the worktable, our company believes in working in agreeable relationships with all. In this endeavor, we make sure that we pursue financial stability without causing any hazard to society.

Human Resource Development

        We make it a point to cultivate an environment that encourages growth for every employee. Moreover, we foster a sense of pride and ownership among our staff by providing them effective venues for participation in shaping the company. We make certain that they possess not only competence, but the right character to serve.